Successful brands have much more than just a logo, a name and a product; they have and abide by a brand ethos.

One of the definitions of ethos is; “the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the belief, customs, or practices of a group or society.” You can see from this that a brand ethos is much deeper than the parts of the brand you physically see; it is the unique soul of your company and extremely hard to copy.

In order to establish your brand ethos you must reflect on your business and ask a number of questions to uncover what people really think of your brand and how it makes them feel.
It is important you personally reflect on your own opinion of your brand as well as taking time to ask the opinion of people within your organisation, ideally from different departments, levels of seniority and longevity within the company. Finally, ask customers questions about your brand in order to create a unifying, accurate statement that truly reflects your brand internally and externally.

Put to them questions such as:

1. Describe the business/organisation
Use one sentence to describe what the company does as if you are describing it to someone you have just met – no jargon or fluff.

2. Why do customers/clients come to you
Briefly describe the needs of your clients or customers. How do you help them?

3. What makes the company different?
Discuss why customers and clients should choose you rather than another competitor, what makes your company stand out?

Select reoccurring brand personality words from the feedback obtained and use these to form the basis of your brand ethos. This brand ethos will then be true to your business and will encourage people to join your ‘tribe’, not just because of your products but also because they believe your value system.

If you wish to stand out then don’t copy your competitors; be unique. Instead of selling products why not sell an ethos and turn customers from liking  your product to loving your brand.

At Vision Consultancy, we work closely with our clients to help them to develop their brand’s marketing strategy including the development of brand ethos.

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Posted by Grainne Convery