Top 5 B2B Tactics to Secure New Customers

Top 5 B2B Tactics to Secure New Customers

You’ve tried the usual tactics such as cold-calling and leaflets but you’re still not securing the amount of new clients you would like.

As a business consultancy, Vision often gets asked by both current and prospective clients what is the best way to secure new business and attract new customers to enable overall business growth.

Although a lot of these businesses are across a range of sectors and sizes from multi-national operations to growing local businesses, there are some broad tactics which will work for most if not all.

Top 5 B2B Tactics to Secure New Customers

1. Network

Many people fear or neglect networking despite research revealing that 95% of people believe face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships. However, it is a vital tool in a businessperson’s arsenal, especially when it comes to targeting new business. Meeting like-minded businesses at events and giving them the opportunity to speak about their business before giving information on yours is a great way to start off a business relationship. For tips on how to network see our previous blog.

2. Research Target Companies and Contact Them

This tactic is often neglected as it involves a larger time investment than others however it is one of the most effective. Develop a list of companies you would like to target, research each of them to establish their needs and then contact them offering services based on this research. Businesses will be delighted you know about the work they do and that you have established a service they may need. Even if they don’t hire you straight away, they will keep you in mind if anything comes up.

3. Speaking Opportunities

Speaking at events is a great way to reach an engaged audience and to present yourself as an industry leader in your field, making your business a more attractive proposition. Research events, make a list of those relevant to a topic you can talk about, approach the organisers and pitch yourself as a keynote speaker.

4. Maximise Social and Digital Media

Your website and social media channels are key for communicating your brand’s messages. Write blogs with content relevant to your services, post links on your social media, comment on industry news and engage with your online community. This will not only directly engage people who follow you but also clients who will research a business before signing a contract who will be impressed at how proactive your business is.

5. Create a Company Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to communicate with customers as they reach people directly through their inbox. Use free tools such as Mailchimp and include news on contracts secured, any blogs people may find useful and company news such as new staff so that everyone important to you can see the progress your business is making.

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of ‘Top 5 B2B Tactics to Secure New Customers’ and if you would like to get in touch to find out how Vision Business Consultancy can improve your business visit our website or get in touch via Twitter and LinkedIn.



Posted by Ashley Morrow