As we step into a new year, there is often an emphasis in business to determine “what do we want to achieve in the next 12 months?” and “how are we going to get there?”

At this time, the key is to take a step back and reflect on achievements and the journey of your business thus far. By assessing your business in-depth, you can easily plan your next steps and actions for the year ahead. For example:

1. Review your target audience or ideal customers

As your business develops, it is important to consistently review and consider your target audience or preferred client. Take the time to identify the characteristics of clients or customers you enjoy working with and (even more importantly) are good for your business. Refine your target audience to reflect the kind of customers who will help your company grow and succeed.

2. Confirm your unique selling points

To build your business, it is vital to ascertain your unique selling points and how you differ from competitors. Although it is important not to focus too much on what your competitors are doing and be confident in your business strategy, it is helpful to periodically assess your position within the industry to ensure you are offering your potential clients or customers something different and unique to your business.

3. Assess current customer or client satisfaction

A simple step to take before planning your business strategy for 2017 is to ask your clients or customers for honest constructive feedback. This can be completed through a simple online survey. Alternatively ask someone external and detached from your business, such as a business consultant, to grab a coffee with your clients to allow them to openly share their experience in working with your company and comfortably make any suggestions of how you could improve in 2017.

There is a lot of work involved in planning business strategies but following these three simple tips can make all of the difference. Some companies also struggle to be objective about their own company when they’re so close to it. If you are one of these companies, get in touch to find out how Vision Business Consultancy can improve your business.

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Posted by Grainne Convery